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While I have made every reasonable attempt—and a few unreasonable ones—to make this discography complete, it is probably more realistic to think of it as a good start. For the sake of practicality, this discography focuses on officially released studio recordings; live recordings are included only where there is no studio version by that artist. Exceptions are noted as such. Additions and corrections are always welcome, as are words of unadulterated praise. Please send them . If you have recorded a version of a Leiber & Stoller song and would like us to include it, just let us know. All we ask is that you send us a copy of the recording—preferably in a CD-quality (or better) format—for our archives.

Song titles are listed alphabetically. The original recording is shown first, followed by all other known versions alphabetically by artist. The year indicated is that of the original release. In cases where the recording was released significantly later than it was recorded, both the recording and release years are noted. Dates in italics are a best guess based on limited information.

Eventually, I hope to add columns for label, matrix number, and country of origin, as well as links to pictures, sound files, song lyrics, and places to purchase.

I also hope to be nineteen again. — Peter Stoller

. — Two songs in particular have discographies that are more than a bit shy of completion: “On Broadway,” and (rather ironically) “Hound Dog.” I’m on it, I’m on it…